Year  Institute Theme
1986 Chambéry n/a
1987 Heilbronn n/a
1988 Breda Tourism and environment
1989 Bournemouth Cultural heritage
1990 Chambéry Youth tourism
1991 Breda Active Holidays
1992 Heilbronn Images of tourist destinations
1993 Bournemouth Tourism in the year 2005
1994 Chambéry Cultural tourism
1995 Breda Regional airlines in Europe
1996 Havana Quality management
1997 Borlänge Links within the tourism industry
1998 Madrid Tourism as an employment generator
1999 Heilbronn Quality Management as a Strategy in Tourism
2000 Havana Sustainable tourism
2001 Faro The future of Sun, Sea and Sand resorts/tourism
2002 Breda Marketing activities of National Tourist Organizations
2003 Thessaloniki The Future of the past : Challenges for heritage Tourism
2004 Porvoo Product Development in Nature Based Tourism
2005 Madrid Urban Planning & the New Sustainable Tourism Development
2006 Las Vegas Branding sites and the impact on World Tourism
2007 Borlänge Sport Event Tourism
2008 Krems Business & Meeting Industry Tourism
2009 Breda The new tourist and co-creation
2010 Heillbronn The Future of Accommodation Enterprises in Rural Areas
2011 Faro Crisis Management in Tourism
2012 Chambéry Gaining the leading edge
2013 Thessaloniki Gastronomy & wine tourism in the 21st century
2014 Porvoo Unique Service Design in Tourism
2015 Breda Sustainability in Tourism; Beyond the Obvious Solutions
2016 Madrid Smart Tourism Destinations – Do Visitors Really Need Them?
2017 Faro Social Media and Tourism: Blessing or Curse?
2018 Falun Limits to Growth
2019 Chur Tourism 4.0 – Opportunities and Limitations of Digitalization in Tourism