Tourism 4.0 – Opportunities and Limitations of Digitalization in Tourism

 Tourism 4.0 is picking up on the transformation that takes place in several dimensions. The term unites both digital as well as organizational challenges in tourism. This results in change occurring in the field of technologies as well as in economical and political conditions in which tourism occurs. The creation of networks of cooperation will thus play an increasing role in the tourism industry, with such cooperations relying on the use of digital tools and on new concepts of data sharing between players.

The conference will include
• A formal presentation, by the students themselves, of their delegation’s research paper.
• A presentation of every delegation’s institution and country/region, by means of ‘market stalls’ and posters set up by each delegation.
• Development of the conference theme through keynote lectures, presentations, workshops and discussion forums
• Familiarization with aspects of tourism management in the host town/region or country
• Social and cultural events to encourage interaction between students from the participating institutions